Ted Thompson is a criminal defense lawyer with offices on the Westside of Los Angeles.  He regularly practices in all of the Southern California courts and he has defended cases all across the state of California.

He is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and he has been in practice for thirty years.  He began his criminal defense practice immediately upon admission to the Bar. Unlike some defense lawyers who began their career as a prosecutor, Ted has never engaged in the prosecution of people. He has worked exclusively   in the defense of people accused of crime for his entire career.

Ted is admitted to practice before the California Supreme Court and all of the courts of the state of California. He is admitted to practice before the United States Federal District Court for the Central District of California and before the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also is admitted to practice in, and regularly practices before, the United States Immigration Court. He is an active member of numerous local bar associations.

Ninety percent of Ted’s practice involves the direct defense of criminal cases. But, he does also offer his services in situations that are criminally defense-related. For example, he also represents people in Immigration deportation proceedings that are the result of a criminal conviction. And, he represents people before the DMV in cases that are related to a criminal law matter.  And, of course, he represents juveniles accused of crimes in the Juvenile Courts.

Ted’s specialty is trial work. Ted has gone to trial on numerous serious felony matters (murder, attempted murder, serious drug cases) and less serious misdemeanor cases as well (DUI, drug possession cases, domestic violence cases, and theft cases). Ted knows that regardless of the severity of the charges, to the person accused of the crime, there is simply no more important case in the system than their case.

Ted not only takes cases to trial, he wins them!  He doesn’t just plead out his clients. He fights their cases for them. He has won many murder trials and he has won numerous DUI trials as well. Recently a jury found his client not guilty of two counts of attempted murder after a trial in Compton. A month later he won a serious misdemeanor domestic violence jury trial downtown.  Right after that, he got a serious domestic violence case diverted out of the criminal justice system in Van Nuys. The prosecutor just didn’t want to go to trial against Ted.

Ted can also be very helpful in getting criminal records cleaned up. He can go back and get felonies reduced to misdemeanors. He can get convictions dismissed and “expunged” after probation has expired. In appropriate cases, he can get the length of probation reduced so that probation terminates early.

And, very importantly, Ted’s practice is Ted’s practice. If Ted is your lawyer, Ted is your lawyer, completely dedicated to the defense of your case. You won’t be handed off to some other junior lawyer in the firm.  If you hire Ted Thompson, Ted Thompson is the lawyer who will personally fight for you from start to finish.

Ted’s firm is completely bilingual-Spanish.  He will always offer you a free consultation.  He is very flexible about meeting hours, to work around your schedule. He is always available for you on weekends. After the initial free
consultation, he will either tell you what he can do for you, or he can at least point you in the right direction, telling you what pitfalls to avoid.

Contact Ted for a free consultation. The Law Offices of Ted E. Thompson: It truly is the place to turn for help.